Types of Dress Styles Used in Fashion

When designers try to come up with fashions for a new dress line, the first thing they need to decide is what type of dress style they will use. The dress style determines not only the overall fit and comfort of the dress, but also how the designer might embellish the work according to current trends. Designers rely on classic dress styles as a foundation for new work even as they push the fashion envelope.

Tent DressTent dresses are fitted only at the top (i.e., around the bodice). They may be strapless or sleeveless. Some tent dresses are very short, resembling shirts. The main feature of a tent dress is that it has no defined waist–all of the material hangs loose over the torso and down to or past the hips. This feature makes them a favorite of heavier women and those who are pregnant, since the style is extremely flowing and comfortable. However, slender women also like this style because tent dresses are easy to put on, and because women can wear tent dresses in multiple ways according to their personal style and current trends.

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