Where Are Ties Really Made

Designer neckties are made all around the world in every continent and almost in every country is home to at least one tie factory, even in Antarctica, where those penguins are the kings of style in their little suits.

There is no single answer as to whether a tie made in a certain country or even by a certain brand will guarantee perfection. In fact, designer ties vary as widely as poorer ties. Ultimately, the secret of finding where top ties are made is to know what to look for in a tie. However, it is interesting to know just where ties come from.

The first thing to understand about where ties are born is that unlike what your mother or father may have said about the birds and bees, we are looking at worms and moths instead. By explaining a little bit about how silk is made, we want to show you that it does not matter so much where ties are made as how ties are made. When it comes to that, the number one rule is that polyester ties are for work horses. We will dive into that before explaining silk.

Polyester ties are made in China, the United States, India, Australia, Latvia, Cameroon, and who knows how many other countries. Polyester ties some times carry exciting patterns or colors with them, but the purpose of polyester is survival. If you wear a tie a lot and not just wear it, but wear through it polyester neckties are the way to go. A polyester tie lasts just as long as an expensive silk necktie at usually a fraction of the price. With that said, there really is no superior make of polyester tie. When it comes to silk ties, however, we can start to discriminate between levels of quality.

Where does the tie fabric come from? Even with ties made in the United States or England, the silk is often imported from another location. Korea and China tend to suffice for most silk ties. When it comes to a truly classy silk necktie, the silk comes from Thailand. Genuine Thai silk is usually ten times more expensive than artificial silk, which may come from Italy or any other number of more fashion conscious nations as an attempt to carry more weight in the name. Genuine Thai silk is usually not shipped out from the country raw, but to buy a Thai silk tie would be to buy one entirely produced in Thailand.

Where is the tie made? As mentioned, Thai silk ties are made in Thailand. When it comes to distinguishing between the quality of other ties, take into account where the tie was made. Ties made from Korean or Chinese silk in Korea or China are generally inferior, because of cheaper materials and labor. When the silk is imported, the higher quality workmanship increases the durability and price of the tie. Often, American made ties will note that they are made from Italian silk as an attempt to merit a greater value. While it is true that this does increase the ties merit, Italian silk is not the be all end all of ties.

Is the tie hand made? Hand made ties are a necessity for a classy tie collection, and are usually made from imported materials, the fabric may be woven at another location, but the stitching and creation of the tie is what earns it the title of hand made tie. Most hand made ties will be made in the nation for the department store in question, and are found in the United States, England, France, and other European nations, as well as from Asia. Usually, hand made ties from Asia take a great deal more craftsmanship than an Atlantic made tie.

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