The increasing demand of 2D Animation

It has been observed that amidst the growing popularity of 3D animation, the young crop of animation artists are not discussing much about the endless opportunities that 2D animation offer. 2D animation is still predominantly used in online education and in some cartoons.

The aforementioned issue is an inevitable part of the technology domain. New technologies supersede the existing technology and sometime it is even relegated to the backyard, but that will never happen with 2D because there are certain requirements that can only be full filled by the 2D technology. E learning or online education is one of them. In E learning, education is imparted through the digital medium, there are virtual classrooms, where teachers reach out to millions of students at a time. Advanced stages of E learning are self tutorial sessions, which are made possible with the help of 2D animation videos. The education sector does not demand very flashy videos, there has to be a sense of simplicity in the animations that are used for E learning. Simplicity helps in retaining concentration and does not allow the mind of the student to deviate from the course material. 3D animation videos are not suitable for E learning because they have lot of depth and they are more suitable for videos that involve many characters. In E learning the study material should be depicted in an attractive manner. It should grab the attention of the reader. The videos should be self explanatory.

There is a wrong notion that all cartoons are made in the 3D format. Few cartoons are still made in the 2D format because it is simple and looks like a fantasy. 3D gives a three dimensional appeal and is meant to look realistic, whereas a cartoon is meant to transport the viewer into a world of dreams and fantasy. Kids enjoy cartoons that depict its characters with extra ordinary powers and look highly superficial. 2D can judiciously bring to fore the aforementioned features in an animation. A very good example to elucidate the aforementioned case is the ‘Tom & Jerry’ series. We have noticed that on several occasions the characters of Tom and Jerry get twisted and deformed, but immediately come back to shape, even when they get distorted, they never look odd and this is possible because of 2D.

In order to ensure that the industry never runs out of 2D animation experts, many animation training academies are offering courses on 2D animation. Training on 2D animation is also available in the smaller cities. A student after chiseling his or her prowess in 2D animation in a smaller city can come to a bigger city like Delhi for sharpening the rough edges of his or her knowledge. It has been noticed that there is a considerable demand for 2D animation courses in Delhi. 2D animation also offers several job opportunities, because 2D animation projects can be operated at a lesser cost, thus allowing a sizeable number of production houses to take up 2d animation projects.

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